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ERP Systems

Business is changing . it is becoming more dynamic and geographically dispersed .
The traditional communication tools particularly the fax machine are being displaced by Email information
is required to be available 24/7 at the click of a button via the internet. this is a modern business system that has adapted to the new environment


  Low cost, Wider networking

  A Common interface on all computers- A web browser

Accounting Application

An Accounting Application wich uses a web browser as it's clint interface allows graphical screens to be displayed
over minimal networks and allows any computer irrespective of operating system or even a PDA with a browser, access to vital company information 24 hours 7 days a week .

CNG DSL Services

Using CNG DSL Services, provides a new affordable way to create high speed internet services. More...

  Up to 24 Mbps download speed.

  Always on.

  Flat-rate ( unlimited use).

  Audio and / or video conferencing

  Document sharing

  Remote meetings.

  Tele working.

  Real audio & video content.


  Networking functionality.

  Multi-user games.

Comm Net Group
Provide the market with the most advance and reliable communication services to enable our clients to perform their communication in a most efficient and cost effective way.

CNG Information Highway

is a local electronic mail service in egypt to enable companies head office to connect to ther branch offices and the mobile work force scatterd around the country More...

Main Features:

Send-receive Email Messages

Upload-Download Binary Files

Send-receive Fax Messages without using fax machine

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