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DSL Service Providers

Digital Subscriber Line, better known as DSL, is one of the best options for high speed internet access. DSL works over your existing telephone lines, but DSL service doesn't interfere with your phone service like dialup internet access. This means you can talk on the telephone or use your fax or answering machine, even while you are actively using your DSL internet connection. Plus, DSL is very fast–around 50 times faster than dial up connections. In addition, DSL service is more convenient as well, because DSL provides an always-on internet connection


Total Price
ADSL Internet Service /Month
ADSL Internet Service /Month
  256-K 1 95
  512-K 1 150
  1024-K 1 250
  2048-K 1 400
  Transfer Fees 1 75
  Installation (one time charge) 1 150
ADSL Hardware
ADSL Hardware
  ADSL Ethernet Router-1 prots 1 350
  ADSL Ethernet Router-4 prots 1 450
  ADSL Wireless Router-4 ports 1 650
  Wireless Access Point 1 550
  Wireless USB Adaptor 1 650
Network Hardware
Network Hardware
  8 Ports 10/100 Switch 1 170
  16 Ports 10/100 Switch (R-M) 1 680
  Network Card 1 45
  UTP Network Cables 1 1.5/meter
  Network Installation and Setup 1 respective



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